5 Emerging Social Media Trends To Expect In 2020 Professional Social Media Optimization Services

The aura of social media is constantly evolving and is expected to reach a peak where modern business gets the maximum advantage. Today, the spectrum of social media is no longer limited to a platform to post stories and pictures of the day. As a business owner, you get the foremost privilege to make the best utilization of professional social media optimization services to grow your networks and attain maximum revenue. Keeping your business always active on social media is important, and it’s also necessary for the survival of the business.

But that alone won’t work out longer. You also need to stay updated with the latest social media marketing trends and make sure it has been appropriately applied to your business also. But with so many social media trends emerging every day, predicting the future trends of social media is always excited. Below-listed is social media trend predictions that will shape the social media space in 2020 and beyond.

Here’s what you need to consider for the year ahead to gain prominent recognition in social media.

Top 5 emerging social media trends for 2020
  • Trend#1 Influencer marketing strategy will evolve

    In research, it has been found that 60% of marketers plan on increasing their ‘influencer’ budget in 2020. Today, business is all about influencing actively via informative and attractive promotional content. It is quite evident that consumers nowadays are now wary of ads in their feeds and before making any decisions, they are now seeking reviews from people about the service/product and the company. Social media is always an ideal platform for users to get detailed information about the company and its product.
    Partnering with social media influencers who offer reasonable SMO package India continues to be one of the best social media practices to follow.

  • Trend #2 Insta top stories, create buzz

    Instagram stories will continue to be one of the top 2020 social media optimization trends. The short-story featured content creates curiosity among social media users and provides short-glimpses into your brand. Leverage the stories feature of Instagram to share every unique thing about your brand and product. Posting stories is not a new feature, but GIFs, filters, slow-motion, time-lapse, question stickers are all made your story attractive and appealing to users.
    Instagram stories will the best option for generating maximum engagement with potential audiences.

  • Trend#3 Quora will be a game-changer

    Quora no longer remains a question and answer platform. Besides helping people find answers to their queries, Quora become a trusted space for creating brand awareness. It can also be a good platform to market your brand worldwide and gain the trust and confidence of maximum Quora readers. You can use this space to share the details of your company and can create a profile with a catchy headline and profile description content.

  • Trend#4 Rise of ephemeral content

    Many are still unaware of the term called “Ephemeral content”. It is a kind of content that is only available for the short term and then disappears. Today, the way social media users prefer to consume content has been changed. Nobody has the time to go through long and not so appealing content. This is why short stories are on trends because they are short, engaging and in some ways- social media users spend hours scrolling stories.

  • Trend #5 Build Chatbots

    Today, the social inbox has become a core part of responsive customer care service. Whether it is for product queries, shipment status or any other queries, customers today prefer to contact brands through the social inbox. To maintain a satisfactory relationship with customers, you need to have a responsive customer service management system. Using chatbox technology in social media for resolving the queries of customers timely can become a successful trend in 2020.

These are the key trends that are supposed to make significant progress in the upcoming year and ahead. Hopefully, this awareness about social media trends will help you prepare your strategic approach for the years to come.

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