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Welcome To Digital Flavers

It is our humble request to our prestigious clients to please go through our Terms & Conditions carefully to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts in the future. To keep the faith of our clients, we maintain 100% transparency & sharing all our legal terms and conditions in the points mentioned below so we can always have you on our board with complete satisfaction.

Professional Work Relationship

Digital Flavers is well aware of the fact that the cordial relationship with the client is of an owner and contractor and nothing establishes a joint venture, partnership, or any employer-employee relationship. Moreover, we are not entitled to any benefits that may be extended to any employees and are also not authorized to make any representation, contract, or commitment on behalf of our clients unless it is permitted by the client itself. The agreed parties here understand that they don’t have the authority to bind the other in any contractual agreement with any third party.

Mutual Acceptance

For accessing any page of the website operated by Digital Flavers & team, you must have attentively read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions for your every visit to our operated website.


Digital Flavers is committed to offering the industry's best and organic services while following the relevant law and industry standard practices. Digital Flavers provide a one-stop suite of internet marketing services, including SEO, PPC, Website Design & Development, Mobile App Development, and Cloud Services.

Apart from our broad services, there are many other reasons for choosing Digital Flavers, some important ones are:

  • Successful bringing down the best results for top-growing industries.
  • Team of experienced, trained, and dedicated professionals
  • Industry competitive packages that only measure organic results for a long-term.
  • Stay always updated on the latest technologies & trends.


Any contractual agreement with Digital Flavers will come into force on the receiving of the first payment and will continue existing until the period gets terminated or expired.

Protection Of Data

The client will be responsible for registering the website's domain name, selecting the web hosting company, and their associated payment. The client will also be responsible for any other supportive fees or charges associated with the project or any work that includes extra costs. They will also be responsible to get outsourcing services done within the deadline related to the current project.

Clients also need to acknowledge the few important policies related to SEO & link building services. Link buildings do involve a fraction of the risk. The company has no relationship with search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing as well as has no control or authority over the search engine policies and its actions.

Client Approval & Modification

Digital Flavers follow a hierarchical order towards result-centric SEO, SMO, PPC, Web Design, Development, and Mobile App Design. During the engagement, client approval is a must in the successful completion of the project while meeting the client's expectations. We will require the approvals at different stages right from the idea to implementation and execution.

Payment Terms

Services Fee

It is included in our policy that the client will pay the company a service fee that will be equal to the system cost given by us to the client. If the scope of the demand or project gets changed after the agreement, the compensation can be increased but can be settled with a mutual negotiation between the client and the company.

The client will be required to pay the charge to the company within one week of the date (issue/receipt) of an invoice issued in accordance with the clause. All the agreed charges are exclusive of VAT and must be paid by PayPal and other online payment methods.

Late Payment

If there is any amount owed to the company by the client that is not paid will accrue interest of 12% per annum, calculated from the date the invoice was prepared and send to the client.

Maintenance & Hourly Fees

We do provide minor webpage maintenance or encounter bug as a complimentary. For major changes or website maintenance that is beyond our complimentary limits, there will be a fraction of the charges based on the hourly rate.

Additional Expenses

Our costing doesn’t include the charges of Domain, Hosting, or any third-party component. For any such outsourcing work or services that would be required for the project, the client will pay the extra cost to Digital Flavers or buy it from his own to get implemented in the project by us.

Termination Clause

Our contract is valid for a minimum of 180 days and a legal notice would mean that the contract terminates at the end of the180 days period. The client can also terminate the agreement by giving at least 15 days prior notice to the company.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We are strict followers of the ethical code of conduct and also protect the confidential information shared by the client for the project. We believe in providing data security and confidentiality at all stages. Digital Flavers provide NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) upon the client's request to maintain a trustworthy relationship.

Changes/Modification Request

If the client wishes to have any specific change or modification in the live project, additional efforts of our team would be considered as a separate project and will be charged extra. On the change request of the client, Digital Flavers do not guarantee the project completion on the agreed deadline as implementing the required changes will take extra time.

All the mentioned Terms and Conditions will govern the use of the Digital Flavers official website (https://www.digitalflavers.com/) and the purchase of any products or services from it. Kindly make sure your read every point carefully as well as understand it and agree to the same before signing up. In case you have any queries related to our Services, Price, or any Terms and Conditions & Policies, please feel free to contact us anytime. We stand for the satisfaction and security of our clients and their projects while maintaining the industry standard for achieving the best result.

If you have any question or specific requirement. We will be glad to help.